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Don’t Let a Loved One’s Health Problems Come Between You

I’ve seen people with difficult-to-manage physical and mental health conditions (or hard-to-break bad health habits) who suffer in silence, without the support of some key people in their lives. They’ve stopped sharing their physical and mental health struggles with their friend or loved one because instead of the caring and empathy they seek, they end up feeling unheard, shamed, blamed, and disrespected.

Meanwhile, I’ve seen people frustrated because their close other won’t follow their “excellent” advice. Sometimes they become so angry they withdraw their empathy and support. “What’s the point?” they say, “I want to help, but they don’t listen to me anyways, so there’s nothing I can do”.

At Theresa Homecare agency our patients are like our family. On board with us we have Dr Regina Jennings who offer mental heath services.

Email / call us @646 334 2346

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